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Ian. There’s still plenty of discussion about the ongoing issues between you and Cass Baumer… I can’t sit still for too long with the same girl. The rest of the time we were still talking about our lives, our days, our futures, venting to each other about traffic, work, talking about Star Wars or just being silly. The worst was that when my husband came clean he told me at first that he wanted to continue talking to these people because "Now I kinda have relationships with them, they're my friends." When I asked to see just one of his conversations he told me no, that it was private. Ian: We have something to prove, but so do they. Ian: First off, Davidson, you’re here to interview Onslaught, not to provide fodder for the dirtsheets and rumor mills. Josh: In the relatively short time you’ve been in New Frontier Wrestling, the two of you have created a good amount of buzz around here… I’ll deal with that bitch when the time comes, so if you don’t stay on the subject at hand, we’re outta here�

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UVR: Enjoy what little time you have left. UVR: The Kwonspiracy owe a great debt, one that need not have been accrued had they wisely chosen their targets better. As she speaks, her stern tone carries a weighted huskiness that is only tempered by a very slight, breathy quality that gives the impression of one who could have been a rather potent contralto singer if that path were to be chosen. The tone of the reports - and of most of the observers' comments - was upbeat. 45 reports suggest that state-sanctioned organ harvesting still occurs across China. Dive down and a slide by Olson, Addams leaps over.. Addams is able to catch the forearm shot, swing Olson around and reel her into a nasty european uppercut, causing Christina to stagger back against the ropes. Cherry hits the ropes and comes back to a face full of missile dropkick! Nick Hanson: Olson on the rebound, Cherry Addams forces her to leapfrog, both of them hitting the ropes this time. Cherry locks one of Christina's arms behind her head and delivers a vicious downward chop before she sends Christina off for an irish whip.

Ebony: Look. I’m about as big of a gamer as they come, but let’s be real here. Ian: My thoughts? Hell, I’m looking forward to this match not just because it’s a title match, but because for once, I don’t have to concern myself with a million motherfuckers sticking their noses into our business… I’m not trying to be mean, but something (not someone) that repulsive, I would think, would not be satisfied without going further. Ebony: Relax, Ian. He’s just going by what’s been happening recently. Ebony nods her head in agreement as she scoots in closer to Ian. Recoba reaches ringside and holds the lions head handle of the cane up to his lips and kisses it for luck. Recoba allows the referee to lift his arm in victory, and then shove the official back, yanking Chris Crippler back up to his feet only to scoop him up on his shoulder and drop him back on his head with a jumping spinning tombstone piledriver! Ian pushes up as if to get up from the loveseat to leave, but Ebony gently puts a hand on his thigh, shaking her head

She shall be contended by the one she wronged personally, while the Kwonspiracy shall suffer as a whole. While practicing any technique, you should not hurry, and should concentrate on some kind of external visual stimuli, not on the physical act. The referee calls for the bell and both Olson and Addams are exchanging verbal barbs while they circle. Obviously there are XXX rated movies which range from soft core Porn to Solo masturbation, full on Sex, anal free sex Cameras, S&M and Bondage, Group Sex, toys and so on. The full lyrics kick in and Christina pops off the hood of her ring jacket and lets out a primal scream. Christina takes advantage of Cherry's temporary daze and hauls her to her feet before whipping Cherry into the corner.. Impressively, Cherry manages to avoid the shining wizard and roll Christina through into a knee bar! Cherry falls out of the corner, landing on one knee and Christina runs at her.